Whether or not you have ever been been through a formal onboarding process with a candidate before you are probably aware of the questions that come on their first day. Day one entails equal parts excitement and uncertainty for the candidate. They walk into your new workplace full of questions like: Where do I go? What should I work on first? How do I get paid? What’s that person’s name and what do they do?

An effective onboarding program answers all the questions floating around the new hire’s mind, as well as the numerous ones they haven’t considered. The process helps them get settled to the workplace, policies, operational procedures, and culture.

The onboarding should not just be limited to an orientation presentation and new hire paperwork. Onboarding is also a great way to provide a warm welcome to your newest team member. This helps to put their mind at ease and help them overcome the social anxiety of being the new person in the workplace. The goal is for them to come back on day two, and each successive day, with less and less uncertainty and more excitement.

Why is employee onboarding important?

It’s easy to see why your new hires appreciate you answering their questions and making them feel welcome. But what benefits does onboarding bring to you, the employer?

  • Increases productivity – Crossing off everything on the onboarding checklist frees the new hire to get right to work without any lingering questions or worries on their mind.
  • Enhances your culture – Culture is too often a series of vague organizational values listed in the employee handbook. Onboarding provides the opportunity to showcase your culture first-hand to everyone who joins your staff.
  • Reduces new hire turnover – In some cases, a new hire will resign before they even start. Kicking off onboarding immediately after they sign their offer letter goes a long way in keeping them committed.

Above all else, onboarding is the right thing to do. Instead of leaving the new hire on their own to figure everything out, you’re there to support them, put their mind at ease, and show you’re happy they joined your team. Quite simply, onboarding is a win-win for both your organization and its newest addition.

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