In the past 18 months, there has been a distinct shift away from traditional business models in many sectors as well as the KBB industry. Companies are now realising that employees are one of their most valuable assets and looking after their well-being needs to be a high priority. As a result, many traditional employee benefits are no longer viewed as a draw. Instead, people are looking for benefits that align with their values and current needs.

What do employees want most?

Employee well-being is about far more than having a trendy breakroom and time off. In fact, it should be a core element of the company culture. When senior managers are genuinely engaged with employees and create a working environment that looks after their well-being it has many benefits for all. Not only are employees happier, they also feel more valued. They feel that they can voice concerns that they may have or make suggestions for improvements – and this creates a more productive and engaged working environment. When people feel as though their being valued as opposed to being policed, they tend to put more effort and commitment into their work.

Lastly, because it is no longer the norm to spend a lifetime working at a single employer, it’s a strong expectation that a business offers employees a step up, a way to increase their knowledge and experience and perhaps even open their career in a new direction. While some companies may view training as a waste if employee’s intention is that they’ll simply move on, the reality is that employers won’t be able to attract top candidates if there’s no opportunity for learning or career progression

When you searching for the next candidate for your KBB Job, remember that no longer is a “Pension Scheme & Free Coffee” seen as a benefit and that promoting wellness within the workplace and offer training is seen by KBB Candidates as a much higher benefit.

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