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Why should a KBB retailer, manufacturer, or distributor need to use an industry-specific recruiter?

One of the most important factors is that this will save you so much time.
If we agree that obtaining the very best person is paramount to a successful business, then a specialist recruiter utilising their network, will be best placed to offer you talent options.
Let’s look at the other option of recruiting yourself. You will probably attract candidates but will they be the very best from both those open to work and sometimes more importantly, those not on the job market.? When investing with a recruiter, they will be typically better placed to find the right candidates who can add the best value.
The investment with a recruiter could be significantly offset, if their candidates performance results are much better than perhaps your chosen option.

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We have partnered with to supply certified online industry specific courses to add to your technical skill set to help you get hand picked by top brands.

With so much competition when applying for new jobs or positions, these courses are designed to give you a head start on the rest of the field and the confidence that you’re ready to take on the challenge.

Take a look at our top selling online courses:

Customer Engagement Showroom Sales Training

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Principles Of Kitchen Design by Renée Mascari

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Smart Showroom Sales Tips & Solutions

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