Having A Good Social Media Presence Is Essential To Getting A KBB Job 

Nowadays social media is an integral part to our everyday life, we don’t even realise we are using it most of the time. However, no longer are the days where social media was just for our personal lives.

We are finding more and more businesses are looking at new employees across all platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to really see if you are the ideal candidate for their role.

When it comes to finding a new job there are a multitude of reasons why you should have perfect social media.

Social Media enable the employer the insight they require.

Your profile offers both us as recruiters and the employee insight into a candidates personality.

It is becoming more and more the case where businesses are not necessarily looking for the “Perfect Technical Skill Set”. As well as this they want someone who will fit into the company culture and ethos.

The pages and groups you follow and even the comments you make on other people’s content can give recruiters an impression of your personality and values.

Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your social standing:

  • Keep your social media up to date
  • Showcase your work, whether that be kitchen design, bathroom installations, etc
  • Join Career Relevant Pages
  • Follow KBB Recruitment

For more advice on finding the right KBB job for you, check out the rest of our blog. Or alternatively, check out our KBB specific job board if you are in the market for a new position

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