When you are looking for your next job in the KBB sector there are many ways to find an exciting and high-quality kitchen designer or bathroom designer job. At the beginning of your job search, you must get yourself into a positive frame of mind: with determination and a good understanding of how to manage a professional job search, you will succeed. 

For some people who are looking to enter the KBB sector, education is sometimes the preferred route to choose, in the KBB industry you can get professional qualifications from the 3-year degree in kitchen design and bathroom design through distant learning and classroom sessions. 

Apprenticeship standards can be achieved with the support of installation associations, colleges, and other industry bodies with again, onsite training introduced by many national and independent KBB retailers. Apprenticeships are a great way to get yourself into an industry whilst also learning on the job with KBB industry-specific training to enhance your skillset.  

 Typically speaking many national KBB and independent retailers will be able to offer you training to become a kitchen designer or a bathroom designer and this could be a start. Once you have reached a certain competence level, kitchen designers, bedroom designers or bathroom designers can expect a salary and a commission.  

As a designer your job is not complete after training, you must then understand the installation of the project and find a high-quality installer. In the current market and climate there is a constant demand for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fitters, designers and showroom managers. 

When you are looking for your next KBB job there are some key points which you should ensure that you follow: 

  • Review your CV and make it as good as it can possibly be; ensuring your CV is relevant to the job that you are applying for 
  • Enlist the help of your friends and family to help identify your strengths and ensure these are clearly communicated across your CV and when you attend any interviews. 
  • When you are attending any interviews ensure you are smartly dressed and it is always worth doing research of the company you are going for a job from. 

Here at KBB Recruitment, we offer an industry-specific job board, which is here to help you to introduce you a wide variety of positions UK wide options; so why not choose your KBB job today!