Whether you’re an experienced applicant or getting ready for your first-ever interview, it never hurts to get advice from the experts. And who better than the experts here at KBB Recruitment; so here are our top 3 tips to ensure you secure your next KBB Fitter, KBB Designer, or KBB Showroom Manager job!

  1. You Need A Killer Resume

The first thing that your future employer judges you on is…. Your resume!

One of the main issues for job seekers is submitting resumes that contain spelling mistakes or a flat tone. If you don’t want to sound dull, it simply is time to quit Google searching “job resume samples” or “job objective samples,” and start using your creativity to stand out from the pack.

Keep your resume short and precise. If possible, try and make sure that everything fits on one page. For the objective or professional summary, add the position title and refrain from sounding too generic. If you need some help ensuring your CV is on point, our CV writing service is here to help you.

  1. What To Do During The Interview

It is in an old cliché but as soon as you enter the room, reach out for a firm handshake; make sure you make consistent eye contact, this way the boss can see that you are confident. When it’s time to speak, do so slowly — it will keep you from stuttering.

Want to know a KBB secret? When you are speaking use your hands too; this makes you seem more intelligent and charismatic.

  1. What To Do After The Interview

After the dust settles, it is time for you to analyse how well you did. Did you make any mistakes or have any regrets during the whole interview process? If so, learn from your mistakes and move on from them.As you wait for the decision on your whether you landed your KBB job, it’s best to keep applying for new jobs, even if you are confident the job is yours. And last but not least, if you didn’t get the job, don’t panic because we’ve all been there.

On a whole, keep your cool, make sure your CV looks perfect, and don’t panic if you make a mistake; if you are looking for a new position then the team here at KBB Recruitment are here to help you find a KBB specific role!