Writing A Job Advert For Search Engine Optimisation

Typically, when people are looking for a new job, their search starts with search engines such as Google or Bing, followed by searching for a job they are interested in, whilst specifying the location they are looking in. As a recruiter, the biggest issue you must overcome is how can you get your job adverts to appear on the top of Google…

Search engines primarily use the content of the advert, accompanied with other determining factors (such as page speed etc). Meaning you need to use the correct wording in your advert to boost the Google position.

Put yourself in your applicants’ shoes. How would you find this job? Would you search for “Kitchen Designer” or would you search for something more specific?

Whilst creating your advert, it is important that you attract via relevant information. Try not to over-explain the job description as this will likely confuse and put off applicants. Additionally, Google are also likely to notice this and will likely downgrade your position.

We strongly recommend altering to clear headings known in the SEO World as Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on and so forth. Heading 1 should be the job title (eg Bathroom Fitter) and then the following headings for “Role”, “Responsibilities”, “Salary” as Heading 2.

There are also a number of other do’s and don’ts when it comes to SEO such as the following:

  • Utilise Local SEO
  • Share your vacancies on social media
  • Optimise your company description
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Take advantage of Google’s Job Board
  • Optimise your Job Title and Meta Description

To recap, include as much necessary content without over-explaining and keep your content and vocabulary relevant to your vacancy.

With this information, your advert should fit the relevant search engine’s criteria and could attract your dream candidate. As specialists in the KBB advertisement world, we provide professional assistance with your vacancy advertisements

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