Job description attract your dream candidates

An attractive job description is crucial to your hiring process. No matter how many job boards you post your advert on, or how much the salary is– if your description doesn’t tell your potential candidates why your role is worth applying for, then you are not going to the get the applications you seek.

In our latest blog, KBB Recruitment show you how to write a good job description – one that attracts great candidates, whilst also making sure you receive only high-quality and highly relevant applications.

Include Essential information

Obvious – but make sure that you include the job title, location, salary and all the benefits of your vacancy. The title and location need to be towards the top, ideally within the first two lines of the text. Salary and benefits need to placed towards the end of your description, as these two things tend to be the most attractive sections of the description.

Keep their attention

Relevancy is key. Within the first two lines of your description, you need to be snappy and clear with what the vacancy involves. A Kitchen Designer needs to know that they’re reading a Kitchen Designer job description. If not, they may lose interest and disregard the rest of the description.

Copy and Paste? No no no.

When posting the vacancy online, it’s worth knowing that Google algorithms dislike duplicates. Their algorithm can pick up on texts that are very similar. This means if you copy a Bathroom Fitter job description, it can seriously affect the traction and number of applicants you can receive.

Inspire applications

At the end of the description, contain a call to action. Something along the lines of ‘Get in touch to find out more’ or ‘Apply now!’. This creates a sense of urgency for the candidates to forward their CVs. If possible, leave forms of contact at the bottom of the description, as some candidates may need to find out a bit more information before putting their skillset forward.

If these tips haven’t improved your level of applicants, then please feel free to call us on 01933 448877 to see how we can help with your current/next vacancy.

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