Here at KBB Recruitment, we are more than aware of how important a well optimised CV is, to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. But how do you ensure that your CV is the pick of the bunch? Well, we have a few tips to help make sure that this is the case!

Adapt your CV

Customise your CV for the KBB Job role that you are interested in. The standard resumes or models you’ll find online simply won’t work. Different roles require different skills, whether it’s interpersonal, analytical, leadership or communication skills – you must adapt your resume accordingly.

Don’t waffle

Go to the point and bring it down to a maximum of two pages.

Spell check meticulously

Have a good look at the typos, print it and put yourself in the shoes of the line manager who is going to read it and potentially interview you. Take advantage of our CV review service and we would be more than happy to review your cv today

Update it regularly

Giving you resume a good scrub now and then is the most efficient way to keep it accurate and up-to-date over time.

Define the focus of your CV

If you’re re-entering the job market, then you’re likely to be looking for a role that’s different, or new. Take the time to really define what the change is and consider how you might amend your CV to reflect your new career goal. This will allow you to set out the skills and experience essential for your desired role.

With your CV fully optimised and feeling fresh, you’re now ready to start applying for KBB jobs that suit your career goals. Remember, if you really want application success, you can’t adopt a one size fits all approach with your CV. Keep tweaking your CV to every application and just watch those interviews roll in.