How to build a personal brand on LinkedIn

We all live in a digital world and most of us have an on-line profile on at least one platform.  When it comes to business, LinkedIn is a powerful tool and one that is worth understanding.  It is easy to neglect your LinkedIn profile until you are looking for a new position but taking care to manage your personal brand at all stages of your career can pay dividends.

You can utilise LinkedIn to present your brand, displaying your areas of expertise, engaging with thought leaders and sharing opinions.  Your LinkedIn profile can give also give an insight into the type of person you are.  Whilst it is not Facebook and you don’t want to be posting trivia, you can show how you spend your time at different exhibitions and events and share thoughts on industry related topics.



Like all things it takes time to keep connected but it is an investment in your future that is worthwhile.  Here are my top five tips for building your brand on LinkedIn:

Use a professional profile picture

 Your picture is one of the first things people see, so ensure your profile photo is giving the right impression. Choose a photo that’s clear, professional, and friendly-looking.

Keep your Personal Profile up to date and comprehensive

Start with a succinct headline that showcases your skills.  Regularly edit your profile, by doing this, it ensures LinkedIn’s algorithm knows that you are an active member.

Look at your experience and ensure that it highlights what you achieved, your results and achievements as well as where you have worked.

Ask for recommendations and endorsements.  Great recommendations will help your profile stand out from the competition when you’re trying to use LinkedIn to find that perfect KBB job.

Be knowledgeable

Share your opinions and comment on relevant industry news.  This not only shows you are knowledgeable and also keeps you active and more likely to be seen.

 Build a network

Make genuine connections with people that you know and look for new ones in groups and associations. The more active you are, the more you’ll get seen by recruiters and potential new colleagues who can refer you to their company for a job.

 Join relevant groups

By joining professional and alumni groups on LinkedIn, you can participate in online discussions as well as answer questions, thus becoming prominent—and even, possibly, viewed as an KBB expert.